When you need to claim property in Singapore, it is imperative to note if the property you are purchasing a freehold or leasehold. The primary distinction is the legal responsibility for the property.


A freehold property implies that the purchaser claims the condo suite and the title deed of it. The purchaser will pay the home loan and not a month to month lease. Freehold condominiums are more costly than leasehold ones as you claim the property for whatever length of time that you need.


There are a few sorts of leasehold properties in Singapore – 99-, 999-or 103-years. After the rent terminates, the legal responsibility for the property will return to the legislature. In any case, the principle preferred standpoint of this is the cost of the capital is regularly less expensive than the freehold one.

On the off chance that your aim of purchasing a condominium from The Florence Residences Showflat is to remain in it for something like ten to twenty years, you may get a kick out of the opportunity to think about a freehold condo suite. This will guarantee that the estimation of the condo suite won’t devalue in esteem the more you remain. You can likewise abandon it for your kids when you develop old.

If you are for the most part inspired by capital thankfulness and will auction the condo suite in only a couple of years, you may be in an ideal situation purchasing the leasehold condo since the expense of first capital is lesser permitting a more prominent use.

To wrap things up, dependably prepare and ensure you have holding power when costs begin to go south if you are beginning off with a little capital.